Do you have this modeling on your lower back? It means something special

Have you ever seen two small dents on some people’s backs? Maybe you have it too? It can appear in both men and women, while some people do not.
Wondering what the two holes in the back are? Well, in common language they are called back or hip dimples. Physiologically, this hole is called the Venus hole in women and the Apollo hole in men, and is located at the bottom of the back where two bones connect the pelvis.

What do they mean?

If you have it, it means that your blood circulation is good and your body is healthy. It also means that it is easier to achieve satisfaction because good circulation is important for a healthy $ex life.

This is because the Venus Orifice is well circulated and is strategically located around the pelvis to facilitate climax.

This odd hole cannot be made into a target workout because it’s in an area that doesn’t have muscle, but it can appear with some weight loss. Not so good news for those who think they can get these holes through exercise!

You can’t exercise to make a hip dimple because the two bones connect the pelvis and there’s a hole where the muscle doesn’t. It has more to do with genetic predisposition and correct ligament size. So it’s either there or it’s not.

They are believed to be signs of beauty alluding to Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.

So, if you have it, show it off and let everyone know that you are the champ in bed!

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