8 things guys secretly want from you but never tell you

From an early age, women learn to form close and intimate relationships, and know that they are cared for and understood.

Men’s friendships often do not have the same depth and intimacy, so men often fall into a range of emotional feelings later in life when they begin a relationship with a woman.

1: respect.

Everyone deserves respect, but men and women tend to experience what that means differently. Think about the conversations you have during your workday. Your man will definitely step in to offer a solution. By nature, he is a problem solver. But you probably don’t need to fix your problem, you just want to talk about it.

When you tell her she doesn’t need help, it can seem disrespectful, even if it’s the last thing you mean. Respect is often seen by men as love, and if you don’t like what he does, how he dresses, or why he responds the way he acts, it will be difficult for him to trust you emotionally. Accept it as it is, along with the difference between male and female relations, and you will enjoy in the light of your respect.

2: pure sincerity

Respect and admiration really go hand in hand. Your man wants nothing more than to admire everything he does for you. The key here is “real” admiration, you can’t fake it. Guys can get a false liking very easily and might even ask you to stop faking it. Just be honest, admire everything he does and the hard work he puts into the two of you, and he’ll be more satisfied than ever. Trust me, it works. He adores me for everything I am, and I do the same in return, no matter how fake it may be. Achieving complete happiness is not difficult.

3: praise

No guy will ever tell you that he loves you because it’s weird and not “manly” to compliment you. But just because he doesn’t ask doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to.

Guys are also insecure about their looks and don’t get as much confidence as we do. Think about it, a guy doesn’t have loyal fans who post pictures on Facebook or comment on how good he looks when he’s out with his friends. When it comes to her looks, you are really the only complimenting her, so carry it! Tell her that you think this shirt is sexy, that she works hard at the gym, that a certain color makes her eyes pop, and that her hair looks hot in a shaggy style… You get the point!

4: Accept his help.

You are without a doubt independent, confident and fully capable of taking care of yourself. However, this has nothing to do with whether your man will allow you to help him. We all like to feel needed, and this is his way of showing his love through action rather than passion.

It’s not about being a girl in distress. Men love strong women who can handle adversity, whether it’s depression or a frame change. But by offering to carry the bag (even if it’s not heavy), he’s showing that he wants to make you happy, make life easier, and make you feel needed. In the ancient language, it is called chivalry. Enjoy it and let it go.

5: inspiration

All men want and love inspiration. I’m here to speak for myself, and I find nothing more powerful than her support and encouragement to strive for the best. It is said that there is a woman behind every successful man, and it is very true and so is it for me. I work hard because it encourages me to never stop believing in myself, makes me realize my strengths, and makes my weaknesses seem like they don’t exist. Ladies, if you believe in, encourage and support your man with everything you have, you will be in a better place with him.

6 : When you tell her what you want to make her feel good

Men want the woman they are with to be happy; It’s actually one of men’s biggest motivators in relationships. In fact, if a man does not feel that he can please a certain woman, he probably does not want to continue the relationship with that woman. Guys will appreciate it if you know how to make them happy. Predictions, accusations, lectures and slander are not the right way to go. This requires lovingly telling her what she likes and what she wants to make her feel good. Writing something like “I really love you…” instead of “Why you might want to…” is a good place to start.

7: When you lecture a man or come down on him for making a mistake, he feels like a failure. He also said that the little boy misbehaved with his mother

It is impossible to talk about what men want from women without having sex. Sexy lingerie, different poses, hot makeup in public, or anything new will make her run wild. He won’t want to ask for it, but he will, and it’s one of the best ways to build intimacy and keep this very important fire alive.

8: Be his friend.

Being your boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to go to the club and eat meat pies and wine (although a lot of guys would appreciate it if you joined in now and then). This means being by his side like a true friend and accepting him as he is.

Oftentimes, even early in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into the trap of liking most things about your new lover, but thinking you’ll change the things you don’t. It was not. At worst, you’ll make him feel like you’re not in his corner, that there’s something wrong with him, and that he can’t do the same around you. A true friend would never do that.

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