Here’s what moles on your body say about your personality

Moles can appear anywhere on your body – face, arms, legs, palms and even your chest to crying out loud!

And as you desperately try to cover up these ugly marks (for most of the part), your mind begins to drift into self-questioning territory, and you wonder…

“Do my moles really have a role to play in my life? Can they really say something about my personality? Help me understand who I am?”

Well, if Hindu and Chinese astrology is to be believed, your moles, birthmarks, and beauty locations can say a lot about who you are! This, of course, depends on how much space the mole occupies on your body.

Here’s what moles have to say about who you are:

  1. A mole on the palm of your hand

This is a bit interesting as a mole can refer to different things depending on whether it’s on your right or left palm. If it is on the palm of your right hand, then you have a quite thoughtful and arithmetic nature. It also indicates that you will live a life of material comforts. However, if it is in the palm of your left hand, it means that you are quite wasteful and find it difficult to save money.

  1. A mole on your forehead

You have a strong personality if there is a mole on your forehead. The individuals who have a place in this position are quite stubborn and determined, and they have a very strong instinct. You also have leadership skills. And as a bonus, you are known to be attractive too!

  1. A mole on your nose

Having a mole on the nose is not good news. People who have it tend to have misfortune. Furthermore, your character can also have traits such as flirtation and an affinity for gambling. The personal relationships of these individuals can bear the brunt of their ways.

  1. A mole on your cheek

Do you have a mole on the right side of your cheek? This indicates that you are a sensitive person. However, if you are on the left side, you are an introvert and find it difficult to socialize and make new friends.

  1. A mole on your ear

If your birthmark is on your ears, then you possess great intelligence and talent. It also means that your child will, most likely, become as smart and talented as you. Having a mole at the back of your ear means that you are a traditionalist at heart and take all customs seriously.

  1. A mole on your chin and lip

You only like to talk a lot and gossip if you have a mole on your upper lip. You are also very kind to everyone you know and meet. However, if the mole is on the lower lip, this means that you are tolerant and love good food.

As for the mole on the chin, it can mean a lot of things. As for your personality, you think logically and have a diplomatic mindset. Luck always favors you, which is why getting fame and money is easy for you.

  1. Mole on your feet

Your love for travel trumps all else, which is what a mole on either of your feet indicates. She was born to travel around the world and explore both known and unknown sights and sounds.

  1. Mole on your chest

Vitality flows in your blood and live your life the size of a king! A mole on your chest also indicates that you love to have fun and really enjoy all the luxuries the world has to offer. But you may find it difficult to maintain due to your inherently lazy nature.

  1. A mole on your arms

A mole on either arm indicates that your character is distinguished by two positive features – calm and politeness. If you have a mole on your elbow, this means that you like to travel a lot. Whereas, a mole on your wrist indicates that you can be easily counted on and that you are very careful in everything you do.

  1. A mole on your shoulders

The mole on your shoulder shows, no matter which side you are on, that you are a rational and practical person in their actions and decisions. You are sociable, friendly and outgoing as well, but at the same time you never stop being responsible, you can pretty much rely on them.

  1. A mole on your neck

The mole that you have on your neck, regardless of the side, indicates that you have a strikingly good character, and creates a favorable impression on people’s minds. You also have excellent luck. However, if your mole is located at the back of your neck, it means that you are enjoying a simple and ordinary life.

Of course, you can have multiple moles in different places all over your body. And in this case, it means that your personality is a combination of all those traits that are represented by moles in a row. In any case, you will remain a unique individual!

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