Moles on your body that reveal a lot about your personality

Everyone has moles all over their body. There are small ones and big ones, but the position of the body has a special meaning. There are moles associated with a person’s wealth. Some are related to family wealth, others to a person’s health. Want to know the meaning of mole? Read this article to find out.

1_Temple mole
Temples are associated with travel opportunities. A mole in this area indicates an opportunity for travel. It may be a business opportunity, or it may be a trip.

2_ Mole between the eyebrows
Since this is a career sector, moles in this sector are associated with career development and promotion. It could mean that you are ready for a promotion, a raise, etc.

3_ Mole between eyes and eyebrows
This area is associated with your home. If you have a mole here, this indicates that you are an adaptable person. Good at dealing with people and able to demonstrate leadership.

4_ mole on the upper lip
Having a mole on your upper lip means that you are careful about what you eat and how you dress. You have good relationships and are popular with your friends.

5_ cheekbone mole
If you have a mole on your cheekbone, it indicates that you can establish a strong position in business and increase your wealth.

6_ palm mall
Having a mole on the palm means that money is not a problem. You are smart, ambitious, and can easily rise to leadership positions. The back of the palm indicates great financial and managerial skills as well as great economic strength.

7_Mall on the Fit
Having moles on the soles of your feet means that you travel a lot and enjoy different cuisines. In addition, you can become popular at work, be a good leader and be responsible.

Look for moles on your body and find out what they mean. Fun and exciting!

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