5 things I learned from banging my feet against walls every day

Google spits out a lot of weird things when you search for anything on the internet. During one such search, I came across a picture of a leg lift that helps relieve stress in the lower body. It wasn’t difficult and the promise was worth it. try!

To try out this new technique, I grabbed a yoga mat and put my feet against the wall. My dog ​​was reluctant to move and was constantly sniffing around to see what was going on, but getting into the asanas was really easy.

Various websites suggested different durations, but it didn’t take long, so I chose the 10 minute version. I played meditation music downloaded from iTunes and closed my eyes.

It is said that stretching your legs against a wall called Viparita Karani reduces the stress caused by sitting all day.

I was curious to know how it worked, but then I realized that when we lie upside down, our bodies release the water that has accumulated in our feet, putting stress on them. Things don’t come out easily from the body, but this asana helps them to do so. Not only that, but it also helps create a positive circular flow in the core.

After doing this for a week, he found that it relieved not only the stress on his lower body, but also his neck and back.

Eventually I started enjoying the time and trying to focus solely on the music.
Sitting is the new smoking and all of us working professionals need to remove this stress from our bodies.Highly recommended for all careers who are guilty of sitting too much.

Keep your buttocks close to the wall and at a 90 degree angle. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

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