10 ways to make a guy miss you

These tricks will make you miss your man more than ever, even if you’ve been dating or married for years:

1_deliberately leave things behind

Leave a note or an earring so he will always remember you. Every time he sees it at home or in the car, he thinks a little bit about you and all the great things you’ve done together.

2_ give him personal space

He won’t miss you if you see him all the time, right? Women want to be close to men, but men need a little space to recharge and think. Give me the chance to miss you.

3_ Make him wait before replying to his text

It’s rude to make him wait, but a little hesitation before replying can help your man miss you. I would like to be contacted. Wait about 10 minutes before replying to his text. Make him think of you before he gets your reply.

4_ slowly

If you find that your man wants things to go fast, go slow. Let him know more about you. Giving him the chance to take things slow means he slowly discovers all the beautiful qualities in you.

5_Put on a unique perfume

Find a sweet, subtle (and lingering) smell whenever you’re around your man. I’m always thinking of you

6_ Adding mystery to the experience together

If you’re just starting dating, don’t share your entire life with him on one date.

7_ Adventure with him (and his friends)

Men want to be the main reason for your smile and don’t like the idea of knowing that someone else is making you laugh. By doing so, your positivity will definitely increase and you will become more attractive. No one wants to be with a negative Nancy all the time.

8_ showing interest in someone (or something)

Men don’t like competitors, especially if he’s interested in you. If you’re married, hint that you enjoy spending time in your pottery studio or garden. Please do not strain yourself. A little jealousy should be done in moderation.

9_ change yourself

Dress in a way that makes him want to hug you a little more while you’re on that dance floor.

10_ keep him wanting more

Hang out with him, cook him the best meals and leave some conversations for the future. Make him crave your infectious laughter and companionship. , generous. These tactics will ensure that he misses you when you break up.

The tips may seem very simple, but you should stick to them. Please be disciplined. Don’t give in to the temptation to answer his calls and emails right away. When you meet him, be sure to dress up in your signature scent.

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