What is the best way to stay healthy?

Many women may be preoccupied with how to maintain their health and have a healthy lifestyle, which affects their beauty, their enjoyment of fresh skin, a reduction in age, and others, but they may practice a lifestyle that is completely contrary to those expectations. You can now start investing in your health by following these simple tips for a lifetime of better health:

Reduce stress as much as possible.

Madam, you may have a lot of work on your list, but at the same time it increases stress and stress, which has serious consequences for your health, starting from infertility problems to higher risks such as heart disease. Madam, you must find a way to rest and reduce stress.

Stop following a diet from time to time:

This may come as a surprise to a lot of women, but it is your diet, especially the grueling routine, that you may stick to as a path to better health. But healthy eating does not necessarily mean giving up a piece of cake, chocolate or other sweeteners that you may consider harmful to your diet, as you can get a mixture of lean proteins with some fiber and carbohydrates. The key is moderation.

Calcium is important, but:

Women need adequate levels of calcium, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children. A large percentage suffers from osteoporosis, so you should pay attention to adjusting calcium levels, especially low ones, and vitamin D levels as well, but too much absorbed calcium may increase the risk of kidney stones and heart disease. Therefore, make the natural proportions your balance without the need to consume large quantities above the usual rate, and the ratio must be followed up by doing the necessary analyzes from time to time. Women under the age of 50 can consume around 1,000 milligrams per day while those over 50 can have 1,200 milligrams per day. Calcium is found in milk, salmon, almonds and other foods.

Basic exercises:

Women need to do some exercise, from light to heavy ones, where you can do some aerobic exercises, or run, walk, and even lift some weights in the gym. You can continue to exercise between 3 to 5 times a week. Sport benefits women in strengthening the heart, protecting it from disease, preventing osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, as well as supporting mental health.

  • Birth-control:

We can be certain that all women love children, but it must be well planned so that you do not prolong the childbearing process while following a birth control plan in a way that does not harm your health or your social status as a result of the large number of children. Studies show that birth control reduces the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer, regulates the menstrual cycle, and prevents osteoporosis.

Regular medical examinations and follow-up with the doctor:

The general advice for every person is to follow up periodically with the doctor from time to time to check on general health, but the matter seems more important for women as conducting a Pap test every 3 years is an urgent necessity to ensure that you do not develop uterine cancer if you are 21 years old or older as well. General tests such as measuring the percentage of vitamin D, calcium, blood test, etc. must be performed at least every 6 months to ensure that you enjoy good general health, in addition to the necessity of taking an HIV test at least once in a lifetime and other necessary examinations and analyzes that you can consult your doctor around.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep needs vary from person to person, but you can tell that you are not getting enough sleep by some signs such as difficulty getting out of bed, tiring easily and difficulty concentrating. Not getting the right amount of sleep exposes you to heart disease and psychological problems.

Maintaining an ideal weight:

Adhering to a healthy diet while avoiding consuming large amounts of sugar will help you achieve an ideal and healthy weight. Adhering to a healthy diet will avoid weight gain problems. Try to avoid soft drinks, sugary drinks, and unhealthy saturated fats. Achieving the ideal weight and avoiding obesity reduces heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Avoidance of anxiety and stress:

Women generally suffer from anxiety and stress more than men, and anxiety is the number one enemy to enjoying serious health. Try to avoid stress and reduce stress as much as possible, especially since you cannot completely avoid it. You can find ways that you think are appropriate and effective to reduce the negative impact of problems and provocations, such as deep breathing, meditation, practicing yoga, sports, getting a massage, and others.

Avoid negative actions that harm your health:

Many women practice many harmful negative actions and activities, and you may be one of them, whose effects are reflected on your health and lead, in the short or long term, to exacerbating problems such as smoking, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating, and many others on the list of harmful activities. It is far from making a list of those negatives and moving away from them immediately.

Make your life positive.

One of the beneficial things for a woman’s mental health, which is reflected in her physical health, is the development of self-confidence, a sense of love and affection, and making your lifestyle significantly positive by strengthening your social relationships while avoiding negative relationships from it.

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