The way your fist makes a lot about your personality; Find out what

This kind of fist belonged to a talented person. you are kind. You charm people with your charm. You’re bent on the extroverted side – very social and impulsive but in a good way. The way your thumb covers the other four digits reveals that you are not filling in anything from the inside. You put it all out there.

This may not be a conscious decision but you can’t help but be open about your feelings. You speak in a direct manner and don’t hesitate to speak frankly.

On the inside, you are highly motivated and full of ambition. You may have a secret goal that you’re working toward that you don’t trust other people with. You want to keep goals to yourself because others may not understand them. You work on your own goal and never lose focus on what you really want.

The downside is that some people may look at you in the wrong light. However, this should not concern you, and you should continue to work towards your goal. What people think about you is their problem, not yours. Keep working on your goal!

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