10 ways to make a man miss you

These tricks ensure that your man misses you more than ever, even if you’ve been dating or getting married for years:

1:Intentionally leave things behind:

If you misplace your notes or earrings, you will always remember you. Every time he sees it at home or in the car, he momentarily thinks of you and all the wonderful things you have done together.

2:Give him some personal space:

He won’t miss you if he always sees you, right? Women want to get closer to men, but men need a little space to charge and think. So enroll in dance classes and yoga lessons to give Mr. the opportunity to miss you when you’re gone.

3:Wait for him before replying to his text:

It’s rude to keep him waiting, but if you hesitate for a minute before replying, a man may miss you. Don’t answer his phone right away. Instead, leave him a message and look forward to hearing from you. Please wait about 10 minutes before replying to his text. Let him think about you before you receive your reply.

4:Slow things down:

If you find that your man wants to move things quickly, take it slowly. Let him spend more time getting to know you. Giving him the opportunity to slow things down means letting him slowly discover all your beautiful qualities. This keeps him on his toes and wants to see you more often so he can discover more.

5:Wear a unique perfume:

Find a sweet, subtle (and protracted) scent each time you are around your man. Remember: The scent is often remembered, so every time he smells your perfume, he thinks of you.

6:Together add some mysteries to your experience:

If you’re just starting a date, don’t share the entire life story on a single date. Let’s get him to ask more with a few tips.

7:Adventure with him (and your friends):

Men want to be the main reason you smile and will not like the idea that someone else knows making you laugh. Make sure he knows that you are having a great time with your friends. He definitely misses that’s why you’re grinning from ear to ear. In addition, having lots of fun adventures with Mr. and your friends will surely increase your motivation and make you even more attractive. No one always wants to deal with negative Nancy.

8:Show a little interest in someone else (or something):

Men hate competitors, especially if he is interested in you. If you are dating, casually imply that you want to dating someone else. If you are married, imply that you love spending time in the pottery workshop or in the garden. Don’t overdo it. A little jealousy should be done moderately.

9::Give yourself a makeover:

Dress in a way that makes you want to hug you a little longer while he’s on the dance floor. When you go out in the evening, put on a little more makeup and trim your hair as you like. Let’s leave your graceful and beautiful image in his mind after you break up on the way.

10:Leave him who wants more:

Hang out with him, make him the best meal, and leave some conversations for the future. It’s so much fun and exciting, but let him earn goodbye to that kiss. Let him crave your infectious laughter and companion. Be generous while struggling to get. These tactics ensure that he misses you when you say goodbye.

The hint may seem pretty straightforward, but you have to stick to it. Get disciplinary action. Don’t give in to the temptation to answer his phone or text too quickly. Whenever you meet him, be sure to wear your signature scent and dress up. Even if you’ve been dating for years, make some effort, and you’ll want him more.

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