10 Signs He Likes You More Than You Think He Does

Most of our girls are at some point wondering if our men really love us. They just don’t show it! Are you wondering if their feelings for you are weaker than your feelings for them, or are they really obsessed with you? Or is it just wired that way? Maybe they really hate showing their feelings? Hmm …

Fortunately, you don’t have to ponder these questions for a second. You see, men may not say it in words, but their actions speak much louder. And if you pay attention to them, you can certainly know that your man loves you more than you think! Here are 10 such signs you need to be aware of:

1:He respects you:

Your treatment of him shouts R-E-S-P-E-C-T! He has great respect for who you are, the choices you make, and your likes and dislikes. He never insults or undermines you, whether alone or in front of others. Rather he praises you and respects you as much as you admire him!

2:He gives you space:

He knows that even you may want to do your own thing instead of spending all your free moments with him. He never spies on your phone or stalks your Facebook profile and even encourages you to associate with your girlfriend! And when you’re out, he doesn’t call every two minutes to find out where you are and who you are with.

3:He is jealous in a cute way:

He may give you space, but whenever a man tries to hit you or stares at you with obvious interest, he desperately tries to hide it, but his The jealous side comes out! And that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust you. He will do it! He only owns a few of the best things that have happened to him.

4:He is a friend with all your friends:

Especially your best friend! He knows how meaningful your BFF is to you and tries to maximize his level to get along with him / her. He attaches great importance to remembering your best friend’s birthday and will help you with gift shopping for your birthday party. In fact, your best friend also likes him, even though he disapproved all your boyfriends before him!

5:During menstruation, he gives you all the hugs:

When you’re doing PMS, he turns into your personal fairy godfather and throws you chocolate goods and lots of warm hugs and kisses. He has put up with your mood swings and fully understands how difficult this time of the month is for you. That’s why he’s doing his best to keep you comfortable and cozy!

6:He will support you even if you sound crazy:

He is not the one who judges you! Especially when it comes to your dreams and ambitions. His support for you is endless. So even if you want to watch an indie film that he hasn’t heard and doesn’t understand the meaning of the title, he gets a ticket for the first show on the first day so everyone can watch it together. He is a ball of encouragement and aggressiveness!

7:He really listens:

When you speak, he puts his phone aside, turns off the TV, closes his laptop and really hears what you have to say. No, he doesn’t yawn or look indifferent when talking about small things like haircuts didn’t work! Whenever you need to know his opinion on the matter, he gives an honest and impartial reply. He may also be happy to hear your story.

8:He discusses his future with you and makes you part of it:

He has his own ambitions and dreams, of course, but when it comes to the big picture, he can’t imagine it without you. He makes you part of all his future plans. Not because he has to do it, but because he wants to do it. Whenever he talks about the coming era, he always uses “us” and “us” instead of “me” and “me.”

9:When he says, he means it, even if it’s rare, “I love you”:

He may not be the kind that wears his heart on his sleeves, but those rare moments he says he loves you, they are real. everytime.

10:He won’t give up on you for the fight:

He’s been in it for a long time and bad fights aren’t just enough to give up on him being with you. Instead, when a serious battle occurs between the two, he tries to fix things by having a mature adult discussion.

If you have a man who shows all these 10 signs, think you’re lucky and hold him firmly. Finding such a man is very difficult.

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