Moles on your body reveal a lot about your personality

Everyone has moles all over their body. Some are small, some are larger, but their location on your body has a special meaning. There are moles related to human money; Others are related to a family’s wealth while others are related to a person’s health. So, do you want to know what your moles mean? Read this article to find out.

1_ Moles on the temple

A mole on the temple is associated with travel opportunities. If you have a mole in this part, then this indicates that you will have the opportunity to travel. It could be a business opportunity, or a pleasure trip.

2_ The mole between the eyebrows

A mole in this area relates to your career development and advancement, on the basis that this is the career sector. It could mean that you are ready for a promotion, a raise, or something like that.

3_ The mole between the eye and the eyebrow

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