Moles on your body reveal a lot about your personality

This area is associated with your home. If you have a mole here, this indicates that you are an adaptable person. You are good with people and can take a leadership position.

4_ Mall on the upper lip

Having a mole on the upper lip means that you worry more about food and clothing. You have good interpersonal skills and are very popular with your friends.

5_ Mole on the cheekbone

If you have a mole on your cheekbones, then this indicates that you will have a strong position in business and your wealth will increase.

6 _ The mole on the palm of your hand

Having a mole on the inside of your palm means that you will never be short of money. You are smart, ambitious and can easily get a leadership position. Sometimes having it on the back of your palm signifies that you have strong financial and managerial ability and are good at economics.

7_ The mole on the feet

Having a mole on the soles of your feet means that you travel a lot, enjoy different cuisines, and so on. In addition, you are very popular in the workplace, and you can be a good leader and take charge.

So, there you have it, look for moles on your body and see what they mean. It will be fun and exciting!

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