Women over 30 are more attractive

Today, the number of women marrying younger men continues to rise. The idea that a woman should look for a man who will take care of her, be more educated, get a better job and make more money seems to no longer be valid, says Sandra L. Caron, professor of family and human relations at the university. The University of Maine told the New York Times.

This is because today, according to the specialist, the relaxation of norms in marital relations appears in age, race, religion, and economic status.

In the United States, they already have a name for women who maintain this type of relationship: cougars, because they compare them to the image of this animal: wild and beautiful but predatory because it roams around its victims, often men so young that they could be their children.

From this perspective, they are admired for being women aged 30 or over, independent, in a strong economic situation, and self-confident. But at the same time, their peers fear them, seeing them as dangerous and seductive competition when it comes to men. They are also feared by their peers who fear their independence and determination.

According to a study conducted in the United States on couples made up of women 10 years older than men, the age difference matters more to others than to them.

Women like the vitality that a younger man brings to their lives, while they like the maturity and confidence of an older woman, although the generation gap can make infidelity easier.

According to the study, women, as well as men, no longer feel uncomfortable at the prospect of being the one earning more money. Although it is likely that an independent woman would not want to adopt a useless man as a partner, it is also the truth that women today are less focused on their partner’s status than was the case with women of previous generations. And you, do you know the couples in this case?

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