Women over 30 are more attractive

Many women think that once they pass the age of forty, they have reached the fall of life, and some of them begin to become depressed and feel helpless, but the pleasant surprise is that men have a different opinion about elegant older women.

Many surveys have found that men prefer to date women over 30 rather than hang out with girls in their 20s.

According to the Bold Sky health website, there are 12 secrets behind men’s attraction to women over forty years old, which are as follows:

1- Young women create problems, while women over forty solve problems.
2- Young women need pampering, while those over forty need pampering from men.
3- Young women are always busy achieving their dreams, but women over forty live this dream.
4- Young women always have a lot to learn, while older women have a lot to share.
5- Young women love flattery, but for those who are more than two years old, one word of praise is sufficient.
6- Young women always complicate matters, but those over forty are distinguished by simplifying matters.
7- Young women argue a lot, while older women adopt the fruitful discussion method.
8- Young women quickly reveal their feelings, while those over forty know how to hide those feelings.
9- Young women search for romance, while older women dream of a meaningful emotional connection.
10- Young women are keen to follow different models, while older women are role models.
11- Young women complain a lot, but those over forty are good at explaining things.
12- Young women crave attention, while older women control this attention.

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