You Will Never Eat Another Banana Knowing This !

Did you know that eating bananas is a nuisance? Well, the fact that there are health benefits to eating bananas; There are risks that come when you consume it. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why you should avoid bananas like the plague. Keep reading the article to find out!

Bananas are a favorite fruit for snacks rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and a good source of dietary fiber. However, eating bananas comes with some risks to your waistline and heart.

Some prescriptions discourage the use of bananas. Why?

This is because they have been tested to cause severe allergic reactions when used with certain medications. In fact, when you finish reading this piece, you’ll never eat bananas again.

1_ Bananas are not a diet food.

The fact that bananas contain a lot of nutrients, it is not considered as a diet food. They are higher in calories than any other fruit with about 105 calories and less fiber. It can be considered a good snack, but since it has a high calorie content, it is necessary to find a better snack. They are medium on the glycemic index level and, therefore, diabetics should avoid them.

2_ Migraine

Bananas are known to trigger migraines because they contain a chemical called tyramine. Tyramine is a naturally occurring compound found in protein-rich foods. Basically, when you eat a banana, you should be getting rid of all the scarce fiber. Banana peels are high in tyramine and are used as snacks in some countries. When you’re on vacation, avoid banana peels in your meals.

3_ Too much potassium

Bananas are high in potassium, but is this good for your heart? Let’s find out! Basically, bananas are good for your heart, but only in small amounts. Much of anything Sam remembers! Too much in your body can lead to hyperkalemia. This condition can cause muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, and temporary paralysis. You don’t need to eat a lot of bananas to reach a state of hyperkalemia, but it will develop without your knowledge. If you suffer from kidney disease or any other related illness caused by a high level of potassium in the blood, you may be at risk.

4_ Not an ideal light breakfast

When you feel drowsy in the morning after snacking on bananas, you may be experiencing the effect of tryptophan. It is a condition responsible for drowsiness after turkey dinner. It is a condition that slows down reaction time and mental processes. Instead, try snacking on a banana at bedtime.

5_ Bananas and tooth decay

Bananas are high in vitamin D and calcium which is very healthy for making stronger enamel and bones. The problem arises when you allow sugar and starch to stay on your teeth for too long. Eating too many bananas can change the pH level in your mouth, and this will eventually erode the enamel. Whenever you eat bananas, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly to avoid any damage.

6 _ nerve damage

When you eat a lot of bananas and they contain a lot of Vitamin B6, there is a chance of damaging your nerves. This can happen when you exceed 500 milligrams of vitamin B6. This is equivalent to eating an entire bunch of bananas in one sitting.

7_ Allergies

Some people are allergic to bananas. If you’re allergic to ragweed, you’re likely also allergic to bananas. Individual handling can trigger symptoms. If you eat kiwifruit, bell peppers, avocados, tomatoes or potatoes and your mouth itches or wheezes, you should also avoid eating bananas.

Bananas contain a high percentage of protein similar to that of natural latex. If you’re sensitive to latex, you could also be allergic to bananas.

8_ Not safe for children

The uncertain part of an allergy is anaphylactic shock. It is a fatal condition that requires emergency care. If you are looking forward to introducing fruits to your child, do so systematically. The child may have difficulty breathing after eating bananas and this requires immediate medical attention. The best way is to introduce bananas slowly and regularly, and doing so will save a life or a stomach ache.

9 _ stomach ache

Do you suffer from stomach pain after eating bananas? Well, this happens when you consume unripe bananas. Are you? Why is that because unripe bananas contain starches and your body will work hard to digest all the starch in your body. The best way to deal with this problem is to eat ripe bananas. If stomach pain persists after eating a ripe banana, there is a possibility that you have an allergy. It may also be the result of infection or gastrointestinal upset.

10 _ Bananas have a severe drug interaction.

ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers are mainly prescribed to patients with heart disease. Bananas cause an excessive flow of potassium into the bloodstream. High consumption of bananas can lead to hyperkalemia. Banana antibacterials and oxazolidine can greatly boost blood pressure. Diuretics help your body get rid of excess sodium, water and chlorine.

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